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Transform your disconnected and idle data sources into powerful insights with LeadLocker


LeadLocker is a fully managed Customer Intelligence Solution that helps you nurture your relationships with current and potential Customers to maximize marketing and sales opportunities

Centralized Lead Profiles.

Get a 360° view of your Prospects through accurate and comprehensive Lead Profile pages.

Actionable Marketing Segments.

Build marketing personas with our state of the art
list-building tool.

Simple Dashboards with Powerful Insights.

Our analytics platform provides you with the insights to make meaningful data-driven decisions.

Real-time data via the Cloud.

Your team can access their data at any time, from anywhere, using our cloud-based deployment model.

Managed data for the entire team.

Unlike other CRMs, we clean, verify and standardize your Lead data so you don’t have to. This gives your entire team shared access to a consistent and comprehensive data set. Without the worry about data quality your team can focus on what they do best: marketing and selling.

Build custom lists based on any criteria.

Segment your Leads on demographic, professional, purchasing and engagement data points to identify key buyer personas and discover new opportunities for targeted marketing Campaigns.

See the true ROI of your marketing spend.

Access customizable data visualizations for an integrated view of engagement, device type, channel, product and demographic data to understand the true impact of any marketing Campaign.

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